A Trick and a Tool: Video Reach and Photo-editing

A big part of what we do at Hopscotch is helping our clients get the most out of their resources and deliver fan engagement, on mobile platforms (where more of it is happening) and all channels. So, with that said, we debut a new Hopscotch blog series – A Trick and a Tool. We share a helpful trick and a useful tool that’ll hopefully augment your fan engagement efforts.

In this inaugural post, we look at a quick photo editing tool and a way to easily extend your organic Facebook reach.


When most people think social media and video, YouTube is the first social network that comes to mind as the primary place to be. The routine, for so long, was to maintain a YouTube channel and share links to those videos to your other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But times they are a ‘changin.

Native video is dominating on Facebook and on Twitter. These mega networks don’t want the fan engagement and content consumption to occur via other platforms; especially when they can sell ads off that content and those posts! The result is far better organic reach, and video views, particularly on Facebook (and soon, Twitter, with its imminent auto-play video and promoted video tweets announced recently).

Give it a shot. Take one of your more popular YouTube videos or a recent highlight from the season or even a short video from practice or a message from a player or coach to fans and post it on Facebook. It may end up becoming one of your better organic posts and will astound you with the number of views (be sure to check 90% completion views, not just overall). The data will show how much better this native video post performs, in general, and in comparison to its share YouTube link counterpart.

Should you forget about YouTube, then? Certainly not, as YouTube videos will have a longer lifespan, due to discovery and more browsing, than those on Facebook. As with everything, post for the platform and respect the unique audience experience on each.


Maybe you’re a one-man show when it comes to content for your team. Or the graphic design artist is busy on something for the game presentation, website, or sponsor. You can try fiddling with Photoshop or GIMP (free alternative to Photoshop), but that may cause a headache before it helps. We introduce: PicMonkey.com, a free tool (with premium options).

It is a very user-friendly site to turn any photo into a touched-up, enhanced masterpiece or even to create a graphic that’s eye-catching for your fans. Make adjustments to an image, add all sorts of text, adorn it with some fancy borders, augment its aesthetics with a few filters, and save it to your computer for sharing on any channel.

Visuals are still a solid way to inform, entertain, and engage your fans. But the bar is getting higher on the quality fans desire and expect. But there’s no need to be scared even if you have a lot to learn about Photoshop. PicMonkey can make you look like a pro, so bookmark it and give it a shot today for your next post.

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