The Marketing Trend that is Scaring Brands, but is Good News for Teams

Brands are starting to panic. There is a collision of storms brewing that will greatly hinder their ability to market to consumers. The confluence causing such concern? More and more consumer attention is being paid to mobile while mobile ad-blocking software is spreading in use and effectiveness. In fact, mobile ad blocking has increased 41%, according to a recent report from Adobe.

But while this may cause worry among advertisers, it’s welcome news for sports and event marketers!

Why? Fans crave the content sports teams and event leaders have. While ads being served across mobile web and mobile ad networks will succumb to savvy software blockage, teams that serve ads in their own apps are not subject to the software suppression. This is your property and you’re welcome to invite advertisers to play, to connect with your fans, and to promote their brand tie. But the impending mobile ad blocking crisis is more than just finding ways around it to your mobile app, it’s pivoting to make sponsor activation a welcome presence within content fans enjoy.

That is the other part of the reaction to the report about increased ad blocking – the growing desire for native advertising and sponsored content. Brands are finding it’s not only more efficient to reach consumers through content, but more effective, too. Advertising is no longer an intrusion between content fans enjoy, but a native part of it. The growth of sponsored native content was a theme in our recent Hopscotch Webinar.  Advertising rates for sponsored content are climbing and, with the specter of ad blocking, will continue to do so. Teams with strong mobile app content are in a fortunate position to succeed in this evolving marketplace.

So while brands sweat over the shifting paradigm to a growing mobile marketplace where they’re not invited to intrude, teams and event leaders with mobile property find themselves in a good spot.

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