4 Must-Have Mobile Features that Boost Venue Ticket Sales and Create Repeat Customers

Getting visitors to engage with multiple events and promotions and bringing your venue more revenue per customer goes beyond the programming you select and traditional outreach methods.

Venues that incorporate integrated mobile targeting through an in-house app have new opportunities to increase ticket sales before, during and after showtime. Here are four ways to use mobile apps to give your patrons a seamless event experience and keep them coming back through your doors.

Native e-Ticketing

Bring the box office to your visitors’ phones and simplify the ticket buying process for new attendees, returning visitors and season ticket holders with direct in-app sales. Providing a method for patrons to purchase, download, use, transfer and upgrade tickets with just a few clicks right in your venue’s app cuts down on third-party fees and printing and reduces friction that may prevent potential attendees from buying or using tickets.

Make your app the go-to platform for event tickets also makes it easy to directly distribute related discounts, promotions and upgrades to attendees. Running in-app ads for presale campaigns and priority seating creates a new low-cost channel for ticket sales.

Personalized In-App Scheduling

Your programming is selected with careful consideration of your core audiences. Mobile apps can put the power into your audiences’ hands with the ability to create a custom schedule of events they want to hear about and attend the most. Giving your patrons a way to self-select a curated list of saved events helps cut through the noise and keeps targeted attendees informed on upcoming programming and more likely to remember to purchase tickets.

With the controlled environment of a mobile app, you can also collect user scheduling data to segment your visitor base. Notice that specific users have only purchased tickets or saved events to their calendar for certain styles of music? Adjust your in-app offers to only promote those types of events to those patrons. Know which users have added dance performances or benefit events to their schedule? Notify them when tickets will become available and or seating is limited.

Exclusive, Interactive Content

Complement pragmatic ticketing and scheduling features with progressive content that will make attendees gravitate towards your app—and your events—over and over again. Memorable mobile content builds hype for your programming and brings the typical playbill to life in new ways.

Consider using your mobile app to:

  • Create preview playlists of music from upcoming artists or concerts
  • Show interactive venue tours
  • Send behind-the-scenes videos and photos of past and upcoming events
  • Publish interviews and profiles with featured artists and performers
  • Offer live mobile video streaming for certain events, which could be put behind a paywall in your app for added revenue

Once you have the attention of your users via interactive content, you can begin folding in related offers and links to your app’s ticketing pages to more closely align mobile content delivery to your venue’s bottom line.

Smart Push Notifications

Push notifications are kind of like the signage in your venue halls: necessary but easy to ignore if not done properly. When typical push notifications are combined with personalized user data and location-based marketing, venues can offer revenue-driven activities in real-time.

  • Before an event: Send different offers to segments of your fan base who have purchased tickets for the event and the segments who haven’t yet purchased tickets. Provide season ticket holders notifications about possible seat upgrades, backstage previews, exclusive receptions and other perks. Notify potential attendees about low or limited ticket availability, promoting them to buy before an event is sold out.
  • During an event: Provide notifications that link patrons to in-app seating charts, maps and concession or merchandise coupons and more once they’ve entered your venue. Set up push notifications about photography, filming policies and other common announcements once a user enters the venue hall.
  • After the event: Notify attendees about the next relevant event based on their user behavior, capturing their attention for repeat ticket purchases before they’ve even left the premises. Follow up with behind-the-scenes or social content shared during the event to continue engagement beyond the curtain drop.

By engaging different kinds of patrons with direct ticketing, custom scheduling, interactive content and smart push notifications, you can elevate your venue’s mobile app from a one-off tool into a one-stop shop for your revenue goals.

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