App Best Practices: Monetizing Your Mobile App

Everyone here at Hopscotch lives by the mantra that mobile apps should be easy.  Therefore, we’d like to announce the launch of our new blog series, “App Best Practices”!  This series is aimed at providing best practices and insights around mobile apps to teams and events.  For the first post in this series, we will be focusing on how to monetize your mobile app.

Mobile apps should never be seen as money drains.  No team, league, event, or festival should EVER lose money on their app.  Quite the contrary your mobile app should be MAKING you money.

So how does one make money off of their app?  Here are some ways we recommend.

1). Drive in-app ticket and merchandise sales

Teams should leverage the fact that consumers are spending so much time on mobile devices, executing sales directly where the customers are.  Our advice is to make the process as easy as possible for fans.  Make sure they know that these things are available to purchase through the app, educate them on how to access it, and give them a reason to buy.  Push out special offers only available to app users, use geo-fencing to sell tickets and merchandise in areas around the arena, use segmentation to get the right offer toe right users, and use beacons to drive traffic to your merchandise booths.  So make sure you’re using your app to pack that stadium, and make sure all of those fans are rocking your jersey!

2).  Allow your fans to upgrade their experiences

How many times have you gone to a game and seen some great seats remain empty the entire time?  Well it’s time to make sure those seats are filled by willing fans already at the game.  Allowing fans to upgrade unused seats for a small fee not only serves to give the fans a better experience, but it also gives the team incremental revenue. Seats are only a start, too, as any number of experience upgrades can be purchased on a whim with the mobile never leaving one’s side. Allowing upgrading is a win-win situation for both the team and the fan, and unlocking it through mobile is key to its success.

3). Create easy concessions

Another way to monetize the app in the venue is to give fans easy concessions options, either through in-seat ordering and delivery, or through mobile ordering and fast lane pick-up.  The option for fans to be able to receive their food in their seats or avoid waiting in lines will increase the basket size for order, resulting in increased revenue for the team.  In fact, we’ve seen a 20% increase in average basket size in some cases.  Furthermore, using the app to push out special concessions offers to fans in the venue will drive incremental sales.  Utilize geo-fencing, group segmentation, and beacon technology to make the event experience easier and more enjoyable for fans, and more valuable to you.

These are only a few ways to make money off your mobile app.  Next week, we will discuss even a bigger opportunity to monetize it: sponsorship and advertising.

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