Mobile Content Ideas for Every Type of College Sports Fan

Your fan base has an endless array of options for digesting college sports media and information. Today’s connected fans can find–and create–just about any type of information about your team with just a few swipes on their mobile devices.

College athletic programs can’t just be players in the crowded mobile space; the mobile experience should increase fan engagement with shareable, interactive content personalized for multiple types of fans, such as:

The Social Butterfly

Mobile sports apps can act like a sophisticated jumbotron that amplifies the digital chatter already happening about your teams. Your app doesn’t need to function as a full-on social media platform, but providing social-ready content can sway fan conversation.

  • Distribute custom profile and social media skins for fan use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more with your team’s branding.
  • Connect your teams’ social media profiles into one feed for fans in your app. Coordinate the distribution of social media graphics for game day, such as crowd photos and team-specific hashtags.
  • Create interactive in-app polls and quizzes for pre-game and post-game engagement. Enable fans to share their results on their social media channels.
  • Cue up short, easily shareable video replays, post-game highlight reels and bloopers for distribution during and after games.
  • Reshare selected fan-created social posts into your app’s feed.

The Student Section

Reaching the student crowd, whether they are in your venues or at watch parties, keeps your campus fanbase activated and engaged.

  • Text crowd prompts, such as school songs and cheers, at specific points in the game to app users who are in attendance.
  • Send push notifications with student discounts and coupons for school apparel and merchandise.
  • Consider using location data to notify fans about friends who are nearby in your venues.
  • Enable students to connect with players as peers with “day-in-the-life” and “behind-the-scenes” biographies and profiles.

The Statistics Buff

This fan has their thumb on the pulse of your players’ past and present performances. Arm them with the information they want, when they want it, to boost team pride.

  • Include player profiles and performance stats in your app, and enable fans to subscribe to a roster of players by the sports they want to follow.
  • Cue up historical facts, photos and videos on and between game days. Create infographics that show team and player trends over time.
  • Create in-app quizzes and challenges that test and rate fans’ sports knowledge.
  • Aggregate player data, performance highlights immediately following a game into short, shareable formats, like tweets, images and video reels.
  • Include off-season updates about potential or new recruits to your school and players who have graduated or moved on to professional leagues.

The Second Screen Viewer

Fans who are viewing your games from home or watch parties are seeing the action on multiple devices. Some of them may be only tracking the game on their mobile device or social media site. Keep those fans connected to the action.

  • Create an in-app list or map of official viewing parties and alumni events in key cities with an active fanbase.
  • Send coupons for game-day restaurant promotions from your sponsors.
  • Create a feed of play-by-play push notifications on game day for distracted fans who might miss critical moments.
  • Re-share fan photos from tailgates and other gatherings, highlight creative game-day fan apparel, food, crafts and more.

The Season Ticket Holder

Dedicated ticket holders aren’t just buying into your box seats. Forward-thinking Athletic Directors are offering a differentiated experience for season pass fans across all platforms.

  • Highlight priority seating and parking information with venue maps within your app.
  • Allow fans to subscribe to notifications about player meet-and-greets, practices, pre-sale ticket promotions and other discounts.
  • Enable season pass ticket purchases directly through your app and purchasing for other events at your venues for which season ticket holders receive discounts.
  • Consider offering ticket transfers between app users, so fans who can’t make certain games can still use complimentary tickets with friends and keep seats full.

Your fanbase is more connected than ever, and the field is ripe for capturing fan engagement with mobile-first content created with specific fans in mind. Make your college sports app the go-to environment for your fan base with a clear and diversified content strategy.


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