4 Big (Non-Fashion) Trends at New York Fashion Week 2015

As models made their way down the runways day after day at New York Fashion Week, some overriding trends became more and more clear. But the trends weren’t about what they were wearing, it was about how this NYFW was seen and experienced in an entirely different way by more people all around the world than ever before.

Here are four (non-fashion) trends that stood out at the 2015 NYFW just completed.

Video Streaming

Whether it was through the official NYFW: The Shows app (which we’re super proud of developing) or through the ubiquitous Periscope streams emanating from the crowds surrounding runways, there was no shortage of streaming video at this year’s Fashion Week. Any online consumer these days has no doubt noticed, and taken part in, the proliferation of video across social and mobile channels. Except now much of that video is streaming or live. This year’s NYFW was more streamed than ever, with several brands popping up on Periscope and thousands of fans watching the live streams directly through the official NYFW: The Shows app!

Designers and buyers loved being able to catch any shows they were missing, while fans all around the world were “distracted” at class or at work, viewing outfit and models all day long. It’ll be exciting to see where video streaming goes next – from offering commerce opportunities to allowing split screens, and more. Video streaming is certainly one trend that won’t go out the window after Labor Day.


For years, there was this divide between brands and consumers. Fans flocked to magazines and malls to buy the latest trends, not knowing much about the name or face or brand behind the tag. NYFW has shown this year, however, that, in this age of mobile and social media, earning more buyers and consumers and brand advocates starts with relationships and engagement. By posting behind-the-scenes videos and photos, sending personal messages to fans’ NYFW: The Shows app inboxes, responding to and tracking social media posts from fans, and using the data behind mobile and social engagement to inform decisions, brands are endearing themselves to consumers more than ever. Gone are the days of the omniscient Giorgio Armani or Coco Chanel dictating the latest trends; now brands and designers interact with consumers and take into account their tweets, likes, shares, and views when planning the next line.


You may think NYFW and instantly picture models strutting down runaways as flash bulbs go off in droves and onlookers crowd the side of the catwalks. But this year’s NYFW gave fans more behind-the-scenes access than ever. The NYFW: The Shows app featured a panoply of pictures showing models getting ready, clothes being made, and even some fun happening between the shows. This furthered the affinity and engagement between consumers and brands, and gave them additional incentive to watch and follow the latest from Fashion Week. We are amazed at the level of engagement fans exhibited with content in the app and, no doubt, fashion brands saw similar interest in their behind-the-scenes content, no matter where it was posted. The glitz and glamor may happen under the bright lights, but the real opportunity to build fans of your fashion and evangelists for your brand is by giving them a glimpse behind the curtain.

Home and Away

No more FOMO, velvet ropes, and VIP lists. Ok, there was still a bit of that, but, this year more than ever, experiencing NYFW was easy. Whether you were in New York inches away from the models, at home in Los Angeles lounging around, or stealing a glance at your mobile device in class, NYFW was everywhere with fans everywhere they went. Everything is mobile now and NYFW was more than ready to feed fans’ endless thirst for videos, photos, designer info, social media posts, and more with brands all over mobile and NYFW championing their official app. Even more, this year’s NYFW featured events at multiple venues all over NYC, but thanks to the magic of mobile, designers didn’t have to miss a thing.

Content is no longer being created with the catalogue as top priority, replaced instead by a mobile-first mindset. Consumers are checking out trends while they watch TV, mimicking the outfits they see on models or blogs while they meander around the mall, and sharing it all on social media, often by the minute. It’s a mobile world and the fashion industry is ready.

We are not experts in what the influencers and celebrities will be wearing about town or on the red carpet in the months to come, but this year’s Fashion Week was just as much about the way consumers and events are evolving as it was about when to wear white. There is no doubt NYFW, and live events in general, will never be the same. It can now all be seen live, in a two-way manner, at home and away, and it goes beyond the main event to the backstage happenings.

No matter what we’re all wearing in the days and months to come, there is one fashion trend 75% of North America will share – we’ll have smart phones in our pockets. That’s a trend not changing anytime soon.

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