Stadium WiFi, essential to winning your fans

Laurence Sotsky, Hopscotch Founder and CEO, speaking at Mobile World Congress on the importance of infrastructure in enhancing the fan experience.

WiFi: Your fans want it more than sex

What is it about providing fans with a connected experience that has major sports teams racing to digitize their stadium experience? A few things. Using WiFi to enhance and expand the fan experience allows teams and venues to boost engagement, drive marketing efforts and ultimately generate new revenue.

Win-Win Scenario

When you provide your fans with WiFi, you’re giving them what they want, but you’re also making it easier for them to complete the actions you want, from a business standpoint. Stadiums with WiFi see unprecedented levels of social-media engagement and are a mecca for creating user-generated content. You can also use proximity marketing and beacon technology inside connected stadiums to push your marketing campaigns at the time and place of the events, helping forgetful fans to be aware of everything game-day has to offer.

Beyond the social aspect, a connected stadium opens up new avenues for revenue growth. Gone are the days of passing on snacks and that last beer because you don’t want to miss a moment of the action. Now your fans can have everything their hearts (and stomachs) desire delivered to their seats with a few taps.

The Bottom Line

Bottom line, in-stadium WiFi isn’t just for fans of the future anymore. Stadiums need to deliver a complete multimedia viewing experience for their fans, and that includes providing robust wireless coverage.


Abby Bartlett
Abby Bartlett
Demand Generation Manager at Hopscotch. Avid college football fan. App-savvy digital native. Student of all things data and analytics.