Why Mobile Websites Aren't Enough

Mobile is becoming a vital asset for sports teams at all levels. Whether the team is playing in a top-tier professional league or playing in a small, local league, teams simply must be investing in mobile. The question, however, is, do teams opt to develop mobile responsive websites or mobile apps? Upon review, the answer is clear: An app is the way to go. Here’s why.

1). Grow your ad inventory with an app

Mobile advertising has been on the rise. Sports teams should be taking advantage of this with by offering sponsors the opportunity and inventory they want through an app. By developing a mobile app, teams are ultimately increasing their advertising units, rather than just optimizing existing ads on their website for mobile. What this means is that teams have the opportunity to increase their ad inventory and tie in new partners into a robust mobile experience. With the additional ad units, teams have the opportunity to drive so much more incremental revenue.

2). Create unique fan experiences

Mobile websites give fans stagnant experiences. Whether a fan is visiting the website from their home, from their car, or from a game, a mobile website is typically just a stripped-down version of their desktop site. This is where mobile apps excel. Teams can provide unique experiences for fans both out of the arena, as well as in the arena. Using geo-targeting technology, beacons, and fast lane ordering, teams can provide a significantly different experience on their apps at the arena than fans would have anywhere else. This leads to more engagement, happier fans, and more revenue for the team.

3). Foster deep fan engagement

Mobile apps create deeper fan engagement, period. A mobile website cannot engage fans geographically (as mentioned above), utilize push notifications to update fans on games and team news, and deploy a loyalty program for fans to participate in, like a mobile app can. These features, and many more, can go a long way in engaging your fans at all times, something with which mobile websites struggle. Engaged fans spend more money on your team, so if you’re looking to drive some incremental revenue, look no further than engaging your fans through mobile apps.

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