Update your app in a snap with our mobile CMS

Automatically pull in social-media posts

You’re already sharing on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Why not bring it all into your app? Just enter your social-media account info. Your app updates automatically every time you post to social media. You control which social accounts go live instantly and which ones wait for an ok from you.

There are no account limits, so you can pull in multiple accounts from your team, your players and the press. You can even fill your app with relevant user-generated content by importing specific team-related Twitter hashtags. Your fans can like, share, comment, retweet, follow, repost and otherwise spread the word about you — all without leaving your app.

Schedule content and alerts ahead of time

Plan content and push notifications hours, days or weeks in advance, so everything is ready to go on busy game days. Set content to publish or hide at the date and time you specify. And drag and drop your best content so it displays at the top of your news feed.

You can even use segmentation and location marketing to send the right message at just the right time and place. 

Integrate existing web pages into your app

Bring in content from your own site or from partner sites, such as ticketing functionality. Just point us to any mobile-friendly URL. The web page behaves as if it is part of the app, so your fans can take action immediately.

You can even set up an RSS feed that publishes on the app whenever you publish news on your own site.

Quickly insert forms

Just copy and paste the form code provided by Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Wufoo or your provider of choice. Great for promoting group sales and other special ticket offers, as well as for conducting polls and trivia games.

Easily add exclusive photos, videos, articles and more

Give your fans content that they can’t find anywhere else. Choose from preformatted templates. Cut and paste your copy. Insert photos, files or links. And publish. It really is that simple.