A cloud-based, open-API platform makes our apps the best

Hopscotch for Sports

Make the action come alive in the palm of your fans’ hands.

  • Scores, schedules and rosters
  • Social posts, videos and articles
  • Tickets and merchandise
  • Location marketing
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Venue and game-day info
  • And so much more

Hopscotch for Events

Get the excitement going for your festival, conference or show.

  • Schedule and tickets
  • Interactive maps
  • Highlights and coming attractions
  • Personalized calendars
  • Social posts, videos and articles
  • Location marketing
  • And so much more

Launch your app quickly

Our platform already contains proven functionality that’s helped other organizations create compelling mobile experiences for their fans. Your app isn’t starting from scratch. It’s starting from awesome. And that lets you get up and running quickly.


Take control of your app

It’s your app, right? So why should you beg for developer attention every time you need to add new info? The Hopscotch mobile content management system lets you add content to your own app — when you want and how you want.

Future-proof your app

With Hopscotch, your app is part of a family of apps. You and all your app cousins share a common technology foundation. So if one of your app cousins gets a new motor or a fresh coat of paint, we can build these improvements into Hopscotch. And eventually pass them on to you, so your app remains fresh and innovative over time.