Media & Entertainment Apps

Engage your audience and monetize their experience.

The world is moving to native

The way users consume media and news has changed. Keeping users engaged is harder than ever. The Hopscotch Mobile Platform allows content creators to drive engagement, usage and more revenue.

Mobile Minutes


more mobile minutes are spent in a native mobile application when compared to mobile web

What we do to drive engagement

We put your audience first in everything we do: the technology and experience we create, our beautiful designs and how we harness the power of mobile to drive usage and engagement. We are constantly challenging ourselves to provide a memorable  mobile experience that your readers will return to again and again and again.


How we monetize that engagement

We’ve architected a best-in-class monetization infrastructure to grow yield, increase inventory and maximize revenue with advertising and sponsorships designed for high impact performance in a user-friendly, less disruptive format.

The platform and how it works

Powerful CMS. Program content and push notifications.
Segmentation Engine. Engage readers at the right place and time.
Hopscotch Ecosystem. Integrate industry leading partners.
Monetization Engine. Increase revenue with ads and sponsorship.


The Hopscotch Mobile Platform

Our platform provides a flexible framework to enable your initiatives in a safe and cost effective way. Most of the functionality is already present in the platform. We can simply “knit” together components of our platform to accelerate and scale your initiative.