Fans Wake Up to Sports on Mobile

Back in the day, if you were a sports fan, you’d wake up, make some coffee, and read the newspaper to catch up on all of your sports news first thing in the morning.  The routine hasn’t changed, but the medium has — it’s all mobile. According to a recent report by Opera Mediaworks, sports apps were the only apps found to have a larger morning audience than evening audience. It may seem trivial, but this info means a lot for sports marketers, knowing they can reach fans at the crack of dawn.

The mobile morning fan comes with a lot of implications for sports teams.  For one, knowing that a team’s fans is accessing their app mostly in the morning can help a team reach out to relevant sponsors.  Armed with this knowledge, teams should approach sponsors like coffee shops and breakfast restaurants that will find a morning audience to be the most relevant to their brand.  Reach out to your local Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks Coffee, and help integrate them into your app so they can reach their relevant audience when it matters most for them.  Allow them to sponsor morning-centric content, provide push notifications for offers at the appropriate time, and make sure their brand is present when fans are seeking their morning coffee or donut fix. Even better when the activation is tied to a win from the night before!

Fans start their day with sports info, so understand how you can enhance your fans’ daily journeys to maximize engagement and their experience.  Give them morning updates on the team, push out morning practice photos and videos, and provide them the content they want when you know they’ll be using the app.  Consistency, content, and continual engagement that takes into account fan preferences are all key to building fans that, quite literally, wake up with your team on their minds.

The broader point that can be made by looking at this unique stat about sports apps is that it’s incredibly important that teams track the data behind their fans’ app usage.  Sports marketers must keep up with analytics on their app and use this data to guide their content, sponsorship, and push notifications.  Doing this properly will result a deeper, enhanced relationship with fans and more opportunities for valuable engagement from the team and their corporate partners.

So are you welcoming your fans in the morning with an engaging mobile experience? When they grab their phone moments after rising, is fresh content or offers from your team awaiting their eager eyes? Engage your fans at the right mobile moments and more engagement and marketing success will result!

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