Privately held and backed by venture capital

Fast Facts

Founded: 2014
Headquarters: El Segundo, Calif.
Founder & CEO: Laurence Sotsky
Financials: Privately held, with Series B funding

We’re fan-engagement innovators

At Hopscotch, your fans are our driving passion. We put your fans first in everything we do. The technology and ad network we create. Our beautiful designs. How we harness the power of mobile. We are constantly challenging ourselves to provide a memorable and monetizeable mobile experience that your fans will return to again and again and again.

We’re mobile-centric technologists

We’re not legacy coders that struggle to squeeze web technologies into a tiny mobile box. We’re mobile only. Mobile is all we do.

We’re also not a custom app shop, slowly grinding out apps with out-of-this-planet price tags. We got our start building custom apps for pro sports teams and venues. Over time, we assembled a massive ecosystem of best-of-breed technologies and advertisers, managed by the industry’s most sophisticated mobile-delivery engine.

The Hopscotch engine gives our customers the competitive edge to build scalable, affordable mobile apps with features that exceed the capabilities of most custom apps.

We’re a helluva lot of fun

We are a young company. Full of people who are passionate about technology, crazy about sports, mad for live events. We’ve made a lot of noise in a short period of time because we live, eat, breathe and sleep fan engagement. We work hard, play harder and are laser focused on providing the best product possible for fans.