Instantly unlock funds tied up in outstanding invoices

Hopscotch Flow gives you the power to access cash with the click of a button—even if your client hasn’t paid yet.

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1. Send an invoice

Generate and send an invoice through Hopscotch. Remember—you can get paid by anyone through our platform, even if they don’t have an account.

2. Go with the Flow

If an invoice is qualified for Flow, you’ll see the Flow icon ( ). Once you accept payment terms, funds will be instantly added to your Hopscotch balance.

3. Get back to business

Once you Flow a payment, the money is yours to reinvest however you see fit. Use it to meet payroll or cover other critical business expenses.

Hopscotch Flow


When you use Flow, you get instant access to money tied up in outstanding invoices.

No credit check

Your credit won’t get dinged if you choose to unlock a payment with Hopscotch Flow.

Privacy guaranteed

The payor won’t be notified when Flow is activated on an invoice.

“Before discovering Hopscotch, we had to
budget for transaction fees and plan for
processing times. Now we can’t imagine using
any other platform.

– Sharon R, Founder & CEO

Frequently Answered Questions

Flow is a discreet financial tool. Your client won’t be notified that you used Flow – to them, it’ll appear as if they are paying you as they normally do.

If your client’s payment is late due to cash flow or other issues, we’ll manage. No strings attached.

Flow doesn’t require a credit check, so your credit won’t get dinged if you choose to Flow a payment. Avoid the high fees and strict repayment terms that come with traditional business loans.

Flow gives you instant access to capital so you can make payroll, reinvest in your business, or cover other critical expenses. It’s your money. Access it when you need to.

Flow pricing is dynamic. The more you use Hopscotch, the better the rates.

Hopscotch users are protected by the latest encryption and security measures. Hopscotch Balances are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through Column, N.A., member FDIC.

No, we’re not a bank. Hopscotch is a payment platform that connects to your bank. Keep funds on Hopscotch, or transfer them out.

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