Six months after the assembly of our founding team, we’re excited to announce the launch of Hopscotch’s private beta.

Current business payment platforms are ubiquitous with complexity and inefficiency: feature overload, limited connectivity between users, lengthy waits to receive funds, and high transaction fees. The result is a B2B payment ecosystem that hinders growth and fails to meet the needs of today’s small businesses.

Layer in a global pandemic, remote work, and the rise of tech-native Millenials and Gen-Zers in the workforce, and you have a category-defining opportunity to rewrite the way businesses transact. This new generation of workforce talent has grown accustomed to instant payments in their personal lives; now they want the same fee-free, fast experience for their businesses.

“New business formation in the U.S. has exploded over the past two years, with the vast majority of those new businesses being formed as sole proprietorships. More and more folks are choosing to work for themselves, and they need software and billing tools that make their lives easier,” said Mo Koyfman, Founder & General Partner of Shine Capital. “Hopscotch is a simple and elegant solution for small businesses to easily invoice their customers, pay their vendors, and smooth their cash flows. With Hopscotch, business owners can finally focus on doing their business rather than managing it.”

Since our emergence from stealth in October, we’ve seen our community of Hopscotchers swell to hundreds of SMBs. Over the coming months, we’ll welcome a growing subset of our community to test early features and help us iterate on the user experience. If you’re a small business owner and want to unlock instant, fee-free payments for your company, you can leap ahead in line by completing our request form.

To support product interest and accelerate the launch of new, innovative features and experiences, we’re also proud to announce that we raised a $6.1m Seed extension. 

The round was led by Mo Koyfman of Shine Capital and existing investor, Peter Boyce II of Stellation Capital. 3KVC, Valar Ventures, Red & Blue Ventures, and Brightlane Ventures also participated in the round. This brings our total Seed funding to $10m, enabling us to continue the build out of our world-class team.

At Hopscotch, we believe the flow of money between businesses should mirror the seamless flow of money between individuals. But our vision extends beyond a payments platform. We’re building a destination for small businesses to connect, transact, and grow together. A simple, easy-to-use interface. A community of businesses thriving. Together. As one.

Come join us! We’re tech innovators and entrepreneurs with big ideas. We’re building the most game-changing platform on the planet for the next generation of small service-based business owners — something freakishly simple, really good lookin’, and insanely useful. View open positions here.

Learn more about what we’re building via our full press release here

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