For the past year, our team has been working to bring instant, fee-free payments to the small business community. This first-of-its-kind financial tool can help small businesses earn more while making them less vulnerable to long processing times. 

Here’s why we decided it was time to build Hopscotch:

01. The odds are stacked against small businesses—but they don’t have to be. 

Great payment tools designed for small businesses are few and far between. Underserved by banks and overlooked by legacy payment platforms, small businesses have unique financial needs and challenges that require custom-built solutions. 

That is why we are making it possible to pay and get paid in real-time with zero fees. The result? Small businesses can keep more of the money they earn without having to bite the bullet on bogus transaction fees or lose precious days to processing times.

On top of that, Hopscotch is designed to look and feel like a consumer app because we believe that supporting the next generation of small businesses begins with intuitive design. We offer easy-to-use interfaces with insanely useful feature sets so that the flow of money between businesses can mirror the seamless flow of money between individuals. Auto-generate invoices, send reminders, schedule payments, and integrate with QuickBooks to manage day-to-day accounts payable and receivable. When you cut down on admin tasks like this, you have more time to operate your business.

Beyond instant, fee-free payments, we know that small businesses also need more financial flexibility. (Poor cash flow is the #1 reason that small businesses fail!) So we’re also planning to roll out more features that will help businesses avoid gaps in cash flow and make better in-the-moment decisions for their growth.

02. The small business community is the future. 

We believe that people who start their own businesses are the bravest of the bunch, the cream of the crop. Because for them, it’s personal. 

It takes real courage to be your own boss. To see the tides flowing in one direction and wonder if you could turn them. To start with some notes on the back of a paper napkin and spin them into a bonafide business plan. To develop that daydream into a day job. Our economy is stronger when more independent, innovative, creative daredevils throw their hats in the ring. 

The pandemic shifted priorities for nearly everyone. We all rethought how work fits into everyday life, which sparked a search for more meaning, balance, and independence for many people. According to the Census Bureau, more than 4.4 million new businesses were created in the U.S. in 2020. That’s the highest total on record ever! Today we have a growing community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and startup founders with one thing in common: they want to make more than a paycheck; they want to make a living. 

Hopscotch is here to help them do just that. Let’s connect, transact, and grow together. Ready to create an account? Sign up today!